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Typical Areas of Support

This is not intended to cover all areas of expertise, but more to give you a flavour of the work and our involvement.


Shareholder Exit Planning

Inheritance Tax & Wealth Succession

The annual compliance is a key area for private clients – whether this is for individuals, businesses, trusts or charities.

Whether planning for an exit or making an initial investment into a business, there are many tax reliefs available which entrepreneurs should consider.

We help clients understand their inheritance tax exposure, how any liability is calculated and what reliefs/exemptions may be available.

International Clients

Investment Structuring

Other Topics

We help clients understand their tax position, working with overseas advisors, to make sure they are fully compliant and their affairs are in order – worldwide.

There are a variety of options for clients when it comes to investment structuring and we work with clients and their advisers to develop a strategy that is appropriate for the family and their broader long-term objectives.

The variety of topics in the private client world is endless – our experience in private client matters puts us in good stead to help with your own and the family’s affairs.

Family Office


Estate Planning & Wealth Succession


Monitoring the family balance sheet is a key role and is the starting point to understanding the family’s vested interests.

Estate planning and wealth succession does not happen overnight and we work with our clients to help create a long-term plan and then execute this over-time.

For many successful clients philanthropy becomes an important aspect of the longer-term family objectives and can involve various family members.


Other Topics

This is a far-reaching topic and covers governance within the family, between underlying business interests and the formalities of interaction and reporting. This can be important if the family are relying on a management team.

There are a variety of topics in the family office – whether it’s coaching family members or managing other staff members which support the family, we are there to help devise all the support the family may require.